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With your help we can stop ocean trash and
protect special places across our ocean.

With 5000 yen per volunteer we can remove
1 bag (2 kg) of beach debris.

How to Donate

Bank Transfer

Fujisawa Beach Clean
Yokohama Bank - Kugenuma Branch
Ordinary Account - 1272751


Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project happens because of the generosity of our sponsors. In return the Project offers our corporate partners a tangible opportunity to learn through service. The Project is a starting point for collaboration that strengthens and connects bonds in a meaningful experience.

N.B Only Platinum level sponsorship includes Partner Benefits for 1 year

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Platinum 2.0 Gold
Platinum 1.5 Silver
Platinum 1.0 Bronze

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In-Kind Donations

Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project welcomes
in-kind donations.

Sample donations include:

• Thank you gifts for volunteers
• Raffle/Lucky Draw prizes*
• Food and beverages
• Printing Event T-shirts
• Web design
• Marketing and Media services

*Lucky Draw/Raffle:
Net proceeds of the lucky draw will fund Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project operations and volunteer programs.

Fundraising Target Breakdown

(5,000 yen/volunteer):

• 1300 yen: orientation/training, equipment rental, banners/flags, staff,
• 1700 yen: design services, event T-shirt
• 2000 yen: food and beverage

Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project - Hosted by Soleil Provence -

Soleil Provence French Language School Fujisawashi, Kugenuma Matsugaoka, 4-16-31 | Tel./FAX 0466-24-5381